Gliding Queensland | About us

About us

Gliding Queensland is the regional body representing Queensland glider pilots.


  1. Contribute to the development of GFA Board policy, strategies and their implementation,
  2. Maintain open and constructive communications at all levels between the Region and GFA,
  3. Conduct regular face-to-face or Conference call meetings with Clubs in the Region,
  4. Manage succession planning for the Regional Committee and all GFA Regional Officers,
  5. Meet all local State obligations as an Incorporated Association, and
  6. Achieve recognition as the peak sporting body for gliding by their State Government.


In conjunction with Regional Officers, Regions are responsible for facilitating and funding:

  • regular training and refresher courses for airworthiness engineers, instructors and sporting coaches,
  • regular seminars on Safety, club development, cross country flying and similar initiatives,
  • attendance by the Airspace & Airfields Officer at RAPAC meetings, and
  • provision and maintenance of support equipment for clubs, e.g. A/W scales and release testers.

Expenses by Regional officers and volunteers supporting these activities are to be paid by the Region. Costs of training and refresher courses are charged to attendees. These may be offset by Regional subsidies.

It will be necessary for Gliding Australia Regional Officers and Regions to cooperate in planning and budgeting of activities. Requests which are beyond these core expectations may require additional GFA funding.


  • Conduct an annual State competition in accordance with Gliding Australia Competition Rules.
  • Establish a focus on cross-country flying
  • Hold coaching events at different sites and times to maximize participation by members
  • Facilitate visits by interstate Coaches,
  • Maintain a Winter activity lecture program,
  • Encourage clubs to place more emphasis on post solo training to GPC for new pilots, and
  • Ensure the RTO/Sports and Coaches meet annually (at least) to review and plan events.
  • Provide awards for State Competitions and general awards to recognize volunteer effort.
  • Support new and small clubs to assist their future viability,
  • Implement initiatives which support the development of gliding within the Region.


The only funding Gliding Queensland receives is from a fixed portion of each Gliding Australia member’s annual subscription. It receives some funds from competitions run by clubs.