Gliding Queensland | Scholarship Programme

Scholarship Programme

As part of GQ role in Queensland to facilitate the ongoing development of soaring skills and foster the growth of the sport through our clubs, bi-annually we award monies to successful club members to enhance their skills to the overall betterment of the sport of Gliding in Queensland. 

Previously this has been in the form of the annual GQ President Scholarship aimed at developing youth.  The concept has been expanded to include a President’s scholarship valued at $1500 and three general scholarships valued at $1000 each annually.  Two will be awarded at the AGM (May) and the second two in November, provided there are suitable candidates. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Typically post solo pilot with strong flying skills and / or interest in glider maintenance.
  • GFA member and Queensland club member for at least one (1) year
  • Demonstrated commitment to the sport and your local club
  • Ability to share your flying experiences for the encouragement of others and promotion of the sport.


To apply, submit a written application approximately 1 page/500 words addressing the Eligibility Criteria and outlining why you should be considered for scholarship, including:

  • Why the scholarship is beneficial to you and what the benefit to the club and sport will be.
  • Specifics on the what outcomes are anticipated, covering how the monies will be used
  • Endorsement from club CFI/instructor panel/president as necessary.

Applications to close one month before the AGM in May and one month before the November meeting, actual dates will be posted on the web site.   The selection group is made up of the GQ Executive and Regional Managers.   


Applications should be emailed to the GQ President ( for consideration at least one month prior to the selection meetings.  Applicants will be notified within one month if they are successful or not.  The successful applicants will be posted on the GQ web site each round.  A successful applicant will work with GQ to review the expected expenses and payment to the relevant club flying account.

Successful applicants are:

  • Expected to provide at least two submissions of written material/photos/videos for use on GQ social media.
  • Strongly encouraged to provide an article for submission to the GFA magazine.
  • Present a report to the GQ Annual General Meeting

Examples of sponsorship

  • Enthusiastic post solo pilot showing strong potential where additional monetary support would allow them to develop their flying and compete.
  • Established pilot showing promise for instructing requiring encouragement to progress to next level of instructor rating.
  • Established pilot showing promise of assisting in the Maintenance of the clubs aircraft.

Terms and Conditions.

  • For Scholarships awarded in May the funds must be spent by June the following year and for scholarships awarded in November the funds must be spent by December the following year.
  • A detailed account of how the funds spent must be provided at the end of the 12 month period.
  • If the funds are not spent within the prescribed 12 month period the funds must be refunded to GQ.   An extension to this timeframe should be requested in writing to  or